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Engineering Surveys

  • Setting out of buildings in a new construction sites.

  • Road and bridge surveys.

  • Sewer & drainage surveys.

  • Water supply and sanitation surveys.

  • Dam construction surveys etc.

Topographic Surveys

  • Measure surface elevations of a parcel of land.

  • Measure the size, shape and terrain of a parcel of land

  • Locate the existing spatial features like roads, fences, trees, buildings & services lines such as power, fibre optic, sewers & water lines.

Cadastral Surveys

  • Extension of leases, Change of User.

  • Land subdivisions, Amalgamation or Combinations.

  • Registration for titles, leases, easements etc.

  • Re-establishment of missing beacons.

  • Boundary conflict resolutions etc.

Mapping & GIS Training

Utilities Mapping and Monitoring.

GIS software toolboxes.

Spatial Database Systems & data analysis etc.

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Asset Tracking and Management

Geolocation technologies.

Vehicle Tracking Systems and Services.

Online Mapping & Geocoding.

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Real-Time Applications

G.I.S supported Technologies.

Real Time Maps integrated with ground based Sensor e.g. RFIDs, temperature, smoke e.t.c.

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Customer Reviews

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Engineering Survey

“Openmaps' topographic products are neat, easy to interpret, and accurate representations of the ground. For topographic surveys, give them a Call”

Anthony Kungu

Director, Platinum Close

Cadastral Survey

“Openmaps located the beacons with high precision, they are always spot on. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Esther Mugure

Mara ways & Tours

Boundary Survey

“Openmaps marked our land beacons to our satisfaction. To protects your landed interests, call Openmaps.”

Elizabeth Wesonga


Latest News in Surveying

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Managing apartments with sectional property titles

Sectional Property Act of 1987 provides for division of buildings into units to be owned by individual proprietors and common property to be owned as tenants in common.

It also provides for use and management of the units and common property and for connected purposes.

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List of Top 5 Sources of Free Remote Sensing Data

Every remote sensing analysis revolves around the term DATA with specified resolution, location, sensor and above all it should be FREE OF COST.

Here is a listed some of the top players providing Remote sensing data free of cost.

  1. USGS Global Visualization Viewer (GloVis)
  2. NASA Earth Observation (NEO)
  3. ESA’s Sentinel data
  4. NASA Earth Data
  5. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Class
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